And they shall drive from sea, to sea to sea

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A portion of yesterday’s Speech from the Throne read as follows:

Our Government has made Canada’s North a cornerstone of its agenda. The strongest expression of our sovereignty comes through presence and actions, not words. Our Government will continue to exercise leadership in the stewardship of northern lands and waters. It is also committed to working with the Northwest Territories and the private sector to complete the Dempster Highway—by linking Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk—thereby realizing Prime Minister Diefenbaker’s vision of connecting Canada by road from sea to sea to sea.

It is a good idea to link two of the Northernmost communities in the country by all-weather road, which would be roughly about 140kms.  That will complete what is known as the Dempster Highway, from Dawson City to Inuvik. Harper’s Conservatives have done some good things for the Artic region and they often remind us of the artic sovereignty question.

Greater activity in the north will better help safeguard the country’s interests in the Artic.  But the country’s interests would also be served incredibly well by building a super highway right across the country on the West-East axis.

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