Heavy Oil Exports – When to Look at Plan B or C?

Blog, Energy, Les Routledge

In the Globe today, it is reported that the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline extension is facing more scrutiny from regulators in the USA.

I wonder at what point should the Canadian industry and governments step back and question the assumption that heavy oil refineries need to be located in Texas?  Strategically, should Canada be looking at the option of having more of that refining capacity located in more politically-stable jurisdictions?

Should governments who own the mineral rights be taking steps to diversify export markets and pathways to stimulate more rigorous competition for our energy exports?  At what point do government-inspired distortions of the marketplace n the USA call for a more activist policy here in Canada?

In the Ag sector, we have felt the cost of the US Country-of-Origin policy depressing the value of our meat exports to the USA.  Is the US EPA, administration, and non-government lobby system creating a comparable market-distortion risk in the energy industry?