Government Debt and Public Debt

Blog, Equalization, Les Routledge

With the recent struggle in the US to raise the federal debt level authority, I wonder if anyone has considered looking at the comparable issue here in Manitoba?

Perhaps someone can start this process by adding up the amount of debt that Manitoba taxpayers carry today.  As in the US, this process should include both the “official” government debt as well as unfunded liabilities related to pensions and other future spending obligations.  After that, the calculation should then look at the debt level of crown corporations, and in particular, Manitoba Hydro.

The next step, which is to forecast future debt additions, is a bit more challenging but also important.  Again, looking at the planned increases of debt to be incurred by organizations like Manitoba Hydro and other crown agencies should be part of the process.  As a starting point, the Manitoba PUB has assembled some disconcerting projections about the future debt addition plans of Manitoba Hydro.