Manitoba Real Spending Up 65%: Provincial Spending Increased 2.75 times Inflation Rate Between 1999 and 2010

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  • Had provincial government spending since 1999 been held constant (adjusted for inflation/population growth) Manitoba would be spending about $9.6 billion per year. In 2010 it was $12.8 billion.
  • The amount of spending increase above inflation and population growth was $15.6 billion between 1999 and 2010.
  • On a per capita basis, compared to a base adjusted for inflation and population growth since 1999, Manitoba spent an extra $2644 per person or $10577.81 per family of four in 2010.
  • Spending per capita increased 65% since 1999, 2.75 times the rate of inflation.
  • Increased real spending has been driven by a combination of more debt and transfer payments. 
  • In 1999, transfer payments accounted for just over 32% of Manitoba’s revenue – in 2011, this number had ballooned to 37%.
  • Provincial net debt increased from about $10 billion in 1999 to $16 billion in 2010.













Sources: Manitoba bureau of Statistics (population figures), Statistics Canada (CPI), Public Accounts (spending figures)

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