Unions and Young People – A Winning Combination

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Perhaps this commentary is correct that unions and young, unemployed or under-employed people do have a common cause.

In this time of high youth unemployment and under-employment, perhaps the union movement will finally wake up and realize that they have to renew their ranks.

However, I doubt this will happen because I too entered the work force in a period of high youth unemployment.  I still remember the day that I had a job offer from a unionized electrician and was told by the union that I did not deserve a job.  Only those with seniority were able to apply.

That comment by a union official during the depths of the 1981 recession is still burned in my brain.  In their view, as a young person, I was a non-person who did not merit an opportunity to start into the trade.  Only the older workers need to apply.

Updating this situation to the current day, unions are going to the wall to protect pensions for older workers at the expense of the new generation of people entering the work force.

I tend to doubt that unions and young people will be a winning combination because the unions are dedicated to screwing most young people who are seeking to enter the labour force today.  They would rather see today’s youth be un-employed instead of embarking on a rewarding career.  If they do allow them to work, it is at lesser rate of benefits and pensions instead of having all members share the burden equitably.  All for one unless you are young!