Great University Courses on the Web

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I have been retired for about 3 weeks and I have discovered some great university courses that are on the Web.  In fact, a company called The Great Courses, now sells CDs and DVDs with very interesting course titles like “The history of ancient Egypt,” “The art of critical decision making,” and “The new and old testaments.”  The lecturers are unbelievably good!

It occurred to me that it would be easy for universities to help students receive university credit for completing these courses, which they can be purchased for as little as $20.00 for 12 half-hour lectures.  Universities’ professors could create examinations which the students could take for, say, $100.00, and if they passed, they would receive course credit on their university transcript.  Total cost for a course: $120.00, which is about one-quarter the cost of an in-class course.

If universities did this, they would ensure that some university courses would be cheaper, and, importantly, they would recognize the work that students–young college-aged students as well as retired students—can do on their own.  Moreover, they would be reaching out and providing an easier way for people to educate themselves and receive credit than trying to register for in-class courses at universities.

This idea is so simple that it will never happen.