Canada Post Wants to be Competitive

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It is good news that Canada Post is starting to think about e-commerce deliveries as their future.  I wonder will they even come close to the services offered by the US Postal service today in terms of parcel delivery?

For Canada Post to play in this delivery game, they have to step up their quality and accessibility of service.  To play in the e-delivery game, they have to be ready to accept and produce delivery 7-24 instead of 9 to 5.  Is this state institution really able to operate in this new world?

It is true that their monopoly business is dying quickly as more people elect to have their bills delivered electronically.  I wonder how long it will be before all my suppliers realize that I would much prefer an electronic statement instead of a paper one through the mail? Once MTS, RBC, Rogers, Shaw et al catch onto my preference for electronic bill presentation, the Canada Post System will see a dramatic decline in its monopoly business.

Maybe then, they might learn how to compete for business based on cost, performance and quality of service.