BC Lobby to Legalize Pot

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Some food for thought here.

“I have always had a problem with the idea that the state should criminalize an act which is essentially no more complex than putting a couple of seeds in your back yard, waiting a while and then, when something grows, you put it in your pocket, you chew it or you smoke it,” Mr. Plant said.

This call from former Attorney Generals from BC is interesting because they focus on harm instead of morality.  Is the harm in the consumption of the product or the legal system that makes its production and sale illegal?

“What has happened, in my view, is that increasingly the prohibition of cannabis is not just an ineffective policy,” he said, “but is having the effect of increasing certain harms, as organized crime increasingly relies on the cannabis trade to support its activities, to make huge profits and to fight with each other with guns increasingly in public over their market share.”

….and before the RCMP raids my farm, please note for the record that I do not grow or produce my own beer, wine, spirits, or pot, so please do not bother to raid my premises.

I may be a Libertarian, but I would be an idiot to expose my family to the risk of dealing with the people who trade in those goods today.