Robo Calls – Abuse of Privilege

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One element of the robo-call subject that has not received much attention is why political parties should be exempted from the “do not call list” maintained by the CRTC.

Personally, I object to that exemption and I believe that if I state I do not want tele-marketers to call me, that includes political organizations.

One way or another, political agents have abused the privilege to not have to comply to the “do not call” registry.  That privilege should be taken away from them immediately.  Without the ability to disturb people, the robo-call situation cannot be repeated.

I do not care whether the source of these calls was a bad apple, a Conservative trick, a Liberal game or something the NDP did, it is time to put an end to unsolicited political calls in this country.  Do not call should apply to all entities including political parties and their supporters.

As far as companies or organizations that are allowed to call me, I want to be paid $1.00 per call that they send my way.  Perhaps if they had to pay for the privilege of contacting me, they might get a lot more focused on the message they are attempting to communicate.

That cost of $1.00 per call paid to the recipient should include political parties.  With that policy, the Robo-Call problem will go away.