New Brunswick Frac’ing News

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From the Globe and Mail, an article on the Frac’ing issue from a New Brunswick perspective.

They say companies should not be allowed to frack until the saline-contaminated waste water that is forced out of wells can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

As a rural resident and a farmer, I can agree that the industry should be subject to controls on both how they case their wells and how they dispose of fluids.  Developing a solid regulatory system to ensure all participants follow best practice is a good idea.

I will repeat my request is that the development of this industry should be accompanied by a required to offer a no-fault type of insurance policy that compensates neighboring land owners in the unlikely event that ground water does become contaminated.  Injured parties should be compensated promptly in these unlikely events and then any finding of fault should be dealt with through litigation between the insurance company and the energy development company.

I am going to continue working on this subject because within 10 years, this industry is going to arrive in my area.  I have a very strong motivation to ensure it is developed in a responsible and equitable manner.  If good rules are not in place by then, I may be one of those nasty NIMBY people who take every step to impede development.