Our Yes Minister Civil Service “Cuts”

Blog, Public Sector, Peter Holle

Every day the media is reporting about cuts to the federal civil service. Witness the constant daily drip drop of bad news about vital services being ravaged etc. But the real story is missing from the popular narrative. Since the federal Tories came to power in 2006 the body count in the federal civil service til recently had expanded by 32,000. So let’s see . . . the recent body count reductions will amount to 19, 200 spread out over at least 3 years. That leaves us with a federal public sector that is still about 13,000 persons larger than 2006. Hmmm, time to read “Yes Minister” again, the classic English series detailing how the bureaucracy bamboozles the politicians. In Canada’s case, the media has been bamboozled as well.