Texting And Driving

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A new video from Belgium has been making the rounds on the internet this week trying to convince young people to stop texting while driving.

It’s a funny video, but will it succeed where law changes have failed, and actually change anyone’s behaviour?

The problem with texting and driving is that, like many other rules, the law is targeted at the lowest common denominator.

Instead of banning driving in a dangerous manner, we ban all texting while driving.

And that doesn’t just cover while the car is in motion – which is plainly dangerous, but also covers drivers who are stuck in a traffic jam too – when a quick 5 word text explaining you’re going to be late is probably perfectly safe.

Unfortunately, some people will carry on texting while in motion too – and many of them will do so surreptitiously by holding their phone down lower t avoid detection – making it even more dangerous than before.

At least this video targets texting while in motion and tries to show people WHY it can be dangerous, instead of just telling everyone they’re not allowed to ever text in a car.