Road Safety

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There are times where traffic cameras have merit.,0,4422915.story

The bicyclist was zipping south on Castro Street at the end of his twice-weekly ride to the Marin Headlands, blowing through red lights and stop signs.

The man he hit, Sutchi Hui, 71, died four days later. Bucchere was charged Thursday with felony vehicular manslaughter and is scheduled to be arraigned next week.

Dist. Atty. George Gascon said in announcing the charge. “It does not appear that Mr. Bucchere was attempting to stop.… He was trying to beat his own record in complete disregard for the safety of anyone else.”

When I used to walk to work in Ottawa, I always carried an umbrella with me even in nice weather.  It was amazing how using it as a baton affected both car drivers and bike riders who attempted to hit me on cross walks at corner pedestrian crossings.  For some of the bike riders, I really would have like a baseball bat at times to stick in their spokes.