Refugee Policy Reform

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This editorial from Calgary is worth a read.

 With the changes, the government appears to be killing a fly with a sledgehammer. It should consider cutting back benefits only to those from designated countries of origin — who might only be temporarily affected with speedier processing — but leave unchanged the benefits for legitimate refugees from places like Somalia or Iraq. Denying benefits to those who might one day become citizens is penny wise but pound foolish, for it may only delay treatment for conditions that could be more expensive at a later date. As Ottawa doctor and former Iranian refugee Parisa Rezaiefar noted: “The interim federal health program isn’t a charity. It’s an investment.”

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I agree with this comment.  The federal government needs a rifle instead of a shot gun approach in this area of policy.  They should focus on fixing what is broken instead of breaking everything.

Update…I looks like the feds are becoming more targeted with the policy.  A little bit of debate in the House on a separate Bill could have highlighted the problem through amendments and allowed the government to save face.