Polar Bear Propaganda

It's a Trojan horse for the central planners to come back and run our lives
Published on September 7, 2012

The Frontier “brand” prides itself on being edgy and taking on difficult topics.   The topic of man-made global warming which has also morphed into the more frequently used (but less charged) terms of “climate change” and “clean energy” remains the most radioactive issue we choose to engage.  It is a small portion of the vast range of work that Frontier now does.  Many of our fellow traveller think tanks choose not to engage the topic because it’s such a lightning rod for hysterical pushback by radical green fanatics.

One of the poster childs for the global warmers continues to be the polar bear.  We are constantly told that this impressive animal is threatened with extinction due to man-made impacts on our climate. Today we are publishing several pages of wisdom about Polar Bear Propaganda   from Dr. Tim Ball.   Tim, of course, has been fearless in confronting the various mistruths that make up the foundation of the man-made global warming lobby and he shows, once again, that polar bears are doing just fine – thank you.

I have an old college buddy down in Minnesota who also thinks that humans are impacting the climate in dangerous ways.   Here is a note I recently sent him which sums up my view of man-made global warming:

“In the vast scale of things, humans impact local weather and climate in the form of the urban heat island effect due to land use change and local heat sources.  The temperature in downtown Winnipeg is usually higher, sometimes a lot higher, than out at the airport, for example.  Integrated over the entire Earth, some scientists think that this effect may be a significant contributor to global weather and climate.

However, the hypothesis that our emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases are causing dangerous global warming and other climate problems is highly improbable. In fact, much recent scientific evidence suggests that it is entirely wrong. Even the basics of the field, such issues as determining a “global temperature”, for example, are in serious debate. See


The CO2-caused dangerous climate change alarm is a Trojan horse for the central planners to come back and run our lives.    Disgraced in 1989 with the collapse of the Berlin Wall, they now expect us to believe that they can “save” the planet with all sorts of intrusive and counter-productive policies.  CO2, a harmless trace gas essential to plant photosynthesis, is made out to be a pollutant and connected to rising temperatures in garbage-in, garbage-out computer models.   Various groups, corporate interests, power seeking politicians and bureaucrats, and  the unsophisticated Left (traditionally suspicious of the market economy) have jumped on the scare and used it to raise taxes, fund crony capitalists with their uneconomic “green” boondoggles like wind and solar power, shutting down affordable power sources like coal, and attacking mobility by demonizing automobiles..”

Nuff said ….

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