A Step Forward For Online Higher Ed?

Ben Eisen, Blog, Commentary, Education

Experts in the field have, for some time now, debated the extent to which online education has the potential to transform higher education.

Two who are bullish on the idea that web-based learning can make education “better, cheaper and easier to access” are Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, the proprietors of the popular economics blog Marginal Revolution. This week, they announced the creation of “Marginal Revolution University, ” which will soon provide free instructional content in the field of economics.

The first “course” will be on development economics and, like all the courses, will be based largely on short, five-minute instructional videos that explain key concepts and provide useful examples.

The key principles behind MRU can be found here. 

Marginal Revolution is one of the best economics blogs with which I am familiar, and I plan to follow the evolution of this new online “university” with great interest.