Frontier Centre Research In The News

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The Frontier Centre has released several major papers in recent weeks that have generated a significant amount of discussion about important policy problems in Canada.

Michael Zwaagstra’s policy study on the subject of highly controversial “no-zero” grading policies which forbid teachers from assigning scores of zero to students for incomplete work has earned attention across Canada. For just one example, see Lorne Gunter’s column in the Edmonton Sun, which cites the Frontier study and clearly spells out some of the problems with no-zero policies.

On a completely different topic, Mary Jane Bennett’s Frontier Centre study on airport privatization also attracted considerable attention – and for good reason. Bennett shows that privatizing airports could help lower landing fees, and could make Canadian airports once again competitive with nearby American hubs. The paper presents statistics showing that Canadian airports lose about 5 million passengers each year to U.S. airports. Bennett shows that this passenger loss hurts the local economies around airports and has a number of other negative effects. An op-ed commentary by Ms. Bennett summarizing her arguments was published in several widely read publications including The Province, and it can be read here.

Finally, professor Bryan Schwartz’ recent Frontier Centre e-book describing strategies for removing barriers to occupational freedom for Canadian immigrants is a major contribution to policy discourse in this important area. A recent FCPP radio commentary which aired on radio stations across the Prairies summarized some of Schwartz’ main arguments.

We at the Frontier Centre are proud to have published all three of these valuable research papers, and are delighted that they are receiving the attention they deserve in media outlets across Canada.