Another politicised storm

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Last week, Tom Harris wrote here about some of the conditions present in the development of Hurricane Sandy.  The purpose was to counter the nutty claims regarding the supposed human responsibility for the magnitude of the storm.

A short blog post at Roger Pielke’s Jr. deals with the political conditions for some of those claims and pushes back at a similar kind of nuttiness.  It shows how clever of Mayor Bloomberg it was to cite the storm as a deciding factor in his support for Obama’s campaign for president –claiming that Obama is the best hope to deal with climatechange.

In that move, Pilke sees Bloomberg deflecting attention to the fact that he didn’t do enough in his City to prepare for and deal with the eventuality of one such storm.

While some will continue to link Sandy with energy policy decisions, important questions will have to be asked about why NYC was not better prepared, and what can be done in the months and years ahead to fix that, before the next storm barrels up the coast.

Read Pielke’s piece here.


h/t: JvH