Westerners more likely to buy NetFlix

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Here is another interesting result from the CRTC’s “Communications Monitoring Report”.  Western Canadians subscribe to NetFlix in far greater numbers than Ontarians.
The subscription percentage is 71% higher for Albertans (14.5%) compared to Ontarians (8.5%).  Atlantic Canadians are not that far behind the West, half way between Alberta and Ontario at 12%.

Could it be that Western and Atlantic Canadians are more tech savvy and early adopters than Ontarians?  More likely they are more disenchanted with the old model broadcasting system and are voting with their feet in greater numbers.

Keeping this in perspective, the broadcasting world is not going to be revolutionized overnight by this result.  After all, NetFlix is really only another VOD movie channel, albeit distributed directly over the Internet instead of via your cable, telco or satellite company’s video service.

As we change the system to adapt to new technology, more competition and consumer choice, however, it is an important fact to keep in mind.  For example, this is one of the factors that should be discussed in the CBC licence renewal proceeding coming up later this month.