Google Fibre Begins Service in Kansas City

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Google’s fibre network in Kansas City will turn on its first customers today.

Meanwhile the cable industry has been working on its next major upgrade to its data over cable technology, DOCSIS 3.0  Telcos have been expanding their FTTH projects as well as improving their VDSL.

Both cable and telco, however, have continued to charge much higher prices for their video services than Google is promising and have raised their internet access prices for video users by setting download caps with arbitrary high prices for exceeding the caps.  For commentary on the pricing of overage GBytes see Patrick Kershaw’s article “Charging per GB to use Internet is Ridiculous”.  There are a few assumptions underlying that conclusion but this is definitely worth a read.

Now that Google is actually rolling out FTTH service as well as press releases it will be interesting to watch market shares play out in Kansas City.