Mr. Gore: Vested interests permeate the climate debate, on both sides

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Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore tells us that “misinformation” about climate change (in other words, science that counters what he says) is fueled by those with vested interests. While there are obviously many people and companies who would benefit from an end to the climate scare,  here is a list of some of the influential parties who have strong vested interests in maintaining the global warming alarm.

  • Media executives must keep ratings high to maintain advertising revenue and reports of crises, present or future, sells media. Many producers, editors and reporters are so committed to climate alarmism (e.g., at CNN, The Guardian, CBC and ABC) that, even when they come to realize that they have been misled by activists, they are loath to change their editorial stances.
  • Academics want large research grants and the climate scare has increased funding for the field many times above what it was a generation ago. Professors and teachers fear conflict with students, fellow instructors and administrators if they express skepticism about the causes of climate change. At many universities, colleges and schools, professors and teachers are concerned about a loss in job security if they are seen to side with politically incorrect concepts.
  • Politicians want to appease activists and seek popularity with the electorate and the press. They also seek excuses to raise taxes so as to increase their operating budgets.
  • Many industry leaders are intimidated by environmental campaigners and so comply with their costly and often useless demands rather than risk confrontation—see here.
  • Carbon traders see huge financial benefits.
  • Financial, insurance, accounting, renewable energy and nuclear power companies view the climate scare as an effective way to boost demand for their products. Even professional engineering associations have bought into the climate scare to increase employment opportunities for their members.
  • One-world government advocates see energy control, the obvious outcome of GHG control, as a means to an end.

The issue of vested interests is obviously a logical fallacy, one referred to as “motive intent.” It is time to forget about vested interests and simply examine the science Gore and others present.

We’ll be watching – Gore’s next extravaganza is called “24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report.” It runs over the day from 8 pm EST, Wednesday November 15 to 8 pm Thursday, Nov 16.


Tom Harris is Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition, and a Research Fellow to the Frontier Centre for Public Policy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.