Media Release – Common Sense Education I: What’s Wrong With Our Schools?

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The Frontier Centre for Public Policy, in conjunction with the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, today released the first video in a new series on education reform.

The series, Common Sense Education, gives parents, teachers and students a direct window into the foolish fads that afflict our public education system.

Each video in the series of ten covers a different education issue and tackles the problems in our schools head on. The first episode begins with a hard-hitting exposé of the anti-knowledge curriculum approach that dominates our public schools. Subsequent episodes address topics such as absurd no-zero policies, confusing “new math” textbooks, and overbearing teachers’ unions.

The series is written and narrated by high school teacher Michael Zwaagstra, co-author of the popular book, What's Wrong With Our Schools And How We Can Fix Them. Through his many media appearances and widely distributed columns, Mr. Zwaagstra has shown he is someone who is not afraid to challenge the educational establishment.

“Common sense is needed now more than ever in our school system and these videos show how we can change our schools for the better. It’s time we stand up to the edu-babble that pervades our education system,” said Mr. Zwaagstra.

Anyone wishing to know what is really going on in our public schools needs to watch Common Sense Education.  Click HERE for the video.


About the Author:

Michael C. Zwaagstra is a research fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and fellow in Common Sense Education at the Atlantic Institute for market Studies. Zwaagstra specializes in education policy. He has extensive teaching experience at a variety of grade levels and currently teaches high school social studies in Manitoba. He received his B.Ed., P.B.C.E., and M.Ed. degrees from the University of Manitoba, where he has won several prestigious academic awards. As an educator, Michael is a strong proponent of raising academic standards, holding schools accountable for their results, and expanding the educational options available to parents. His columns promoting common sense education reform have been published in major daily newspapers including the National Post, Winnipeg Free Press, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, and Calgary Herald. He is also a frequent guest on radio stations across the country. His best-selling first book, What's Wrong with Our Schools and How We Can Fix Them, was released in mid-2010.

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