Global Warming Benefits?!!?

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A few years ago Senior Fellow Tim Ball wrote a column for the Frontier Centre which observed that global warming would benefit Canada and particularly Manitoba. Winnipeg, of course, some pundits say is the coldest city in the world over 500,000 so the commentary hit a chord with many people, particularly those who are tired of the frequently overwrought, constant negative litany about warmer temperatures. As usual it attracted over-the-top attacks from the fire and brimstone true believers in man-made global warming.

That was back in 2006 when it was less obvious that global temperatures have gone nowhere. In fact they have flat-lined since 1997 – an increasingly inconvenient truth for the global warming industry. You see, based on the modest increases in carbon dioxide levels during recent years, their various models have predicted temperature increases of two degrees.



So it was fun this morning to read a report from Britain that strayed from the usual apocalyptic song sheet. It seemed almost hopeful that global warming might occur some day. An excerpt:

“A SURGE in global temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions could create a boost for parts of the British economy, a government report will suggest this week.

The National Adaptation programme, to be published tomorrow by Defra, the environment ministry, will suggest that farming, forestry and tourism will all benefit from warmer summers, while shipping will profit from the shorter sea routes caused by the melting of the ice caps.

It will even say that rising warmth might boost Britons’ health, encouraging them to spend more time outdoors, where exposure to sunshine would boost vitamin D levels.”

As one of many winter-hardened Canadians who is not overly worried about global warming, a chart from the report sums it up nicely.