Public Private Partnerships – A Primer For Regina Voters

Press Release, Water, Peter McCaffrey, Steve Lafleur

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy has today released a new report on Public Private Partnerships [P3s] in anticipation of the City of Regina’s referendum this week.

Entitled Public Private Partnerships: A Primer For Regina Voters, it is designed to provide an overview of what exactly public private partnerships are, and an analysis of existing research in to why they work.

Referencing a diverse range of international organisations, including the World Bank, United Nations, International Labour Organization and the Organisation for Economic Co-Operations and Development, the report demonstrates that P3s are not new or controversial right across the world.

The historical performance of P3s illustrates that rather than being a financial risk, public-private partnerships actually function as a type of insurance against the risks of cost overruns and delays, and should be considered by any responsible municipal government.

View report here: /posts/public-private-partnerships