Frontier Centre Releases 1st Annual Responsible Budgeting Report

Media Release, Taxation, Frontier Centre

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy is pleased to announce the launch of a new report in to the state of provincial government finances across the country.

Called Responsible Budgeting, the report, and accompanying interactive website, analyse the 2013 budgets for all ten provincial governments and aim to supply citizens with a broader understanding of how governments spend and receive money.

The Responsible Budgeting project focuses on presenting financial information in a relatable manner, by imagining the province as a family and adjusting budget figures to match.

Rather than simply calculating per-household costs for various government services, the report actually scales provincial budgets down to the size of an average household budget.

“For everything from debt to healthcare, to taxation, we hope this report will improve awareness about how budgets work, and provide context to the huge dollar figures regularly thrown around without explanation,” says Peter McCaffrey, a policy analyst at the Frontier Centre and the author of the report.

At a time when many governments are hard-pressed to balance their budgets and keep spending under control, it’s vitally important for citizens to be able to access easily understandable information to help them understand how government budgets relate to their lives.

For more information about the project, figures for other types of government spending, and comparisons with other provinces, please visit the Responsible Budgeting for the full report: