Mark Steyn at Manning Networking Conference 2014

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Last month I attended the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa.

It’s the largest annual gathering of conservative and libertarians in Canada, with a noticeable generational split between those two philosophies.

The keynote speaker on the final day of the conference was Mark Steyn.

Now, Mark and I wouldn’t agree on every political issue, but he’s a very entertaining guy.

He gave an entertaining speech in which he covered six political facts of life:

1) When money drains, power drains. When a nation loses control of its finances, it loses control of its destiny.

2) Permanence is the illusion of every age.

3) You don’t need a President for life, if you have a bureaucracy for life.

4) Big government makes small citizens.

5) The great evil of welfare is not that it’s a waste of money, but that it’s a waste of people.

6) Culture trumps politics.