Best Places To Be Self Employed

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Manitoba may be the best place to live in Canada, if you enjoy being self-employed.

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy has recently launched its first Entrepreneurial Index.

It examines and ranks the best places in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to be self-employed.

The research involved analysis and comparison of a variety of laws and regulations that affect self-employed workers in the different provinces, states, and territories.

Some of the factors that were examined include income tax withholding rules, medical insurance regulations, contract laws, and processes for resolving disputes.

New Zealand enjoyed the top ranking overall, but Canada was close behind.

Provinces that scored well were Manitoba, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories and the northern territory of Nunavut.

British Columbia and Quebec are the lowest ranked Canadian provinces, registering a similar low ranking to states and territories in Australia.

The research suggests that self-employment may represent up to 25% of the workforce in most major developed countries.

All of us in Canada, and our elected officials should consider the importance of self-employment and entrepreneurship, and the impact that regulation can have on the wider economy.

I’m Roger Currie. Join us again next week for more thoughts on the Frontier.

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