Provinces With More Freedom Attract More Residents

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The Frontier Centre for Public Policy has released its first Canadian Freedom Index.

It examines the state of personal, fiscal, and regulatory freedoms in all ten Canadian provinces, and it considers how provincial laws and regulations are affecting our daily lives.

Many different factors are measured in each province, including freedom to choose schools, the regulation of alcohol, and property rights.

Alberta took first place overall in the Index, with Saskatchewan and BC coming in second and third, and Manitoba in the middle of the pack in sixth place.

Comparing regions of the country, Western and Central Canada fared well, while the Maritimes and Quebec lagged behind.

The report strongly suggests that provinces which score well when it comes to freedoms are attracting more new residents, while provinces that do poorly on the Index are losing people.

Quebec, with its high income tax, sales tax and excessive red tape, is struggling to keep people – especially those with entrepreneurial skills.

A society that values democracy and personal freedom provides fertile ground for prosperity and innovation.

We should be cautious about trading in personal liberty for temporary security.

I’m Roger Currie. Join us again next week for more thoughts on the Frontier.

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