Deepening the Divisions In the Country Along ‘Tribal’ Lines

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Immigration continues to be a huge issue for Canada, and an expert in the field says it’s one of the areas where Justin Trudeau does NOT compare favourably with his legendary father.

Randy Boldt is a licensed immigration consultant who has helped to shape policy on the issue both provincially and federally.

He says since Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister two years ago, he has managed to deepen the divisions in the country along ‘tribal’ lines.

Boldt says Pierre Trudeau made lots of enemies, but we always knew where we stood with him.

“I think one of the great things that everyone liked about him was that he basically had strong opinions. We may disagree with those opinions but either you voted for his opinions or you didn’t. Whereas, Trudeau Jr. Doesn’t seem to share the same kind of strength of commitment and he’s not a conviction politician like his father.”

Randy Boldt says when it comes to refugees, the hearing process that was supposed to take no more than 60 days, now includes a line-up that may not be cleared for a year and a half.

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