Profile Series: Rhonda Dieni

Profile, Aboriginal Futures, Joseph Quesnel

For First Nation entrepreneur Rhonda M. Dieni, 45, there is something more important to running a business than having a good product or service. “Don’t worry so much about your business, work on yourself and work through your life trials,” she said, in a phone interview.

“The more you work on yourself, the more good things will come to you.” She said too many people in her own Indigenous community, as well as others, are, “addicted to suffering.” They need to overcome their trials and not
remain focused on being victims, she said.

The owner and operator of Bliss Tea Kombucha in Westbank First Nation, British Columbia, Dieni has seen her share of life struggles and tribulations. Born in Kamloops, B.C., she was born to a single mother and is the youngest
of nine children, with the oldest being 23 years old and the youngest being 11 years older. Although she had male influences in her life, they might not have been the most positive experiences as she suffered through hardship, such as trauma, bullying at school, abandonment and she dealt with self-worth issues.

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