Weekly Radio: Booting Beyak – Conform or Get Out

Radio, Aboriginal Futures, Frontier Centre

Here is a simple phrase: “Some good came from Residential Schools”.

It’s an undeniably true statement and if you don’t believe it, listen to the words of native playwright Tomson Highway: “There are many very successful people today that went to those schools and have brilliant careers and are very functional people, very happy people like myself. I have a thriving international career, and it wouldn’t have happened without that school.”

What is the opinion of Phil Fontaine who helped expose the abuses of the Residential schools? He says “I don’t have a problem separating the good from the bad … in fact, it defies logic that there weren’t good people at these schools who actually cared about the kids. And there were some aspects of the residential school experience that were positive.”

The problem is that for agreeing with such statements Senator Lynn Beyak was expelled from the Conservative caucus and others have been termed “bigots” or “racist.”

We can’t let the search for truth be shut down by those who wish that only one side of the debate be heard. If allowing people to exercise their right to question and explore both the good and the bad of a trending orthodox viewpoint earns the label as a “racist” then our society is in serious trouble.

Only an urban reserve would work.