Profile Series: April Tinhorn

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For Native American entrepreneur April Tinhorn, 43, working successfully in Indian Country is all about building and sustaining relationships with clients.

“In working with tribal communities, it’s all about relationships. We are all about that and those relationships take time to build.” the mixed Hualapai/ Navajo/Chinese computer web developer and marketing consultant said in a recent phone interview. She certainly knows what she is talking about having nurtured many clients from many industries.

Tinhorn is the founder/owner of Tinhorn Consulting, LLC, a full-service integrated marketing and consulting firm specializing in telling clients’ stories to the wider world. The firm’s clients come from a great variety of businesses, including health care and wellness organizations, governments, education, and non-profit businesses. She also works with many tribal governments.

Tinhorn was born and raised on the Hualapai reservation located near the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Tinhorn Consulting LLC was founded on this reservation.

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