Profile Series: Jessica Mehta

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For Jessica Mehta, 36, an ambitious and intelligent Cherokee entrepreneur from Oregon, the key to business success is to “do it with a mindset of service.”

“If you look at any large successful enterprise, you will see that is at the center,” she said, in a phone interview. Mehta said that the mentality of service to others also speaks to the cultural values and identity of Native Americans.

Mehta is an accomplished poet, author, and the founder and owner of MehtaFor, a national award-winning small business that focuses on providing writing services to clients. The online business features her editing and writing skills and that of a small team of dedicated and trusted writers and editors. With over 10 years of writing and editing experience, Mehta relies on a solid reputation to get clients. Now, she has clients from Fortune 500 companies as well as from major media outlets.

Mehta’s life journey to becoming an author and a business owner has certainly been bumpy, but it speaks to her incredible ability to overcoming adversity.

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