Profile Series: Maruhaeremuri Nihoniho

Profile, Aboriginal Futures, Joseph Quesnel

Maruhaeremuri Nihoniho, 45, probably never suspected that her childhood days playing arcade games like Space Invaders and later playing home video games like Tomb Raider would guide her to becoming an award-winning Indigenous video game designer today.

Nihoniho founded Metia Interactive, an award-winning game development studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is best known for her development of the commercial video game Cube for the PlayStation Portable gaming system.

Maruhaeremuri – who goes by the shorter “Maru” – is a Māori woman who was born and raised in Christchurch
(or its Māori name Ōtautahi), New Zealand. She said her childhood was largely spent in between the urban Christchurch and a small rural village, two distinct lifestyles.

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