Canada Post: Struggles of a 19th Century Corporation in a 21st Century World

Briefing Note, Crown Corporations, Anderson Agbugba

Although originally created in 1753, Canada Post Corporation simply known as Canada Post is a Crown Corporation established in 1981 through the Canada Post Corporation Act. Prior to 1981, Canada Post operated as a federal department.

The Act aimed at setting a new direction for the postal service by ensuring the postal service’s financial security and independence. Canada Post is the primary postal operator in Canada with approximately 64,000 full and part time employees.

The Canada Post Corporation and its three subsidiaries are jointly known as Canada Post Group of Companies. The subsidiaries include Purolator Holdings, SCI Group and Innovapost Inc. Canada Post is the traditional postal segment wholly owned by the Crown and thereby making the federal government its shareholder. Purolator Holdings Ltd provides integrated business-to-business freight, parcel and logistics services. Canada Post owns 91 percent of the subsidiary. SCI Group provides supply chain solutions including warehousing and and distribution while Innovapost provides IT services to Canada Post which owns 98 percent.

Four business lines make up the entire operations of Canada Post. They include transaction mail, direct marketing mail, parcel and other services (smaller scale products and services). As Canada’s largest postal corporations, it has delivered about 8.8 billion pieces of mail to 15.8 million addresses.

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