Profile Series: Kawana Wallace

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Kawana Wallace, 27, is an Indigenous entrepreneur who has been able to harness his technical skills to revitalize the Māori language. Wallace is a co-founder and CEO of my Reo Studios, a New Zealand-based software company providing bilingual (English and Māori) digital games targeted towards school-aged learners and uniting te reo Māori with computer programming and STEM education.

He is known for working in collaboration to develop digital apps that normalize the use of Māori te reo in areas of life such as sports and fitness. Wallace also wants to play a big role in building up Māori programmers in the country.

“There are limited opportunities for Indigenous people in the tech sector to develop a comprehensive portfolio. So, we also wanted to create a business that can help support young Māori programmers, designers, and techies to create that portfolio. We hope to develop the capacity needed to advance our people into future tech work with
confidence,” he said during a Skype interview.

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