Canadian Commercial Corporation

Briefing Note, Crown Corporations, Anderson Agbugba

The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is a federal Crown corporation set up in 1946 to facilitate international trade on behalf of Canadian industries with governments of foreign countries. CCC’s business lines support Canadian companies contracting in a range of industries and sectors in markets around the globe.

According to the Canadian Commercial Corporation Act, CCC’s mandates are as follows;

• To assist in the development of trade between Canada and other nations.

• To assist persons in Canada to obtain goods and commodities from outside Canada and to dispose of goods and commodities that are available for export from Canada.

• To exercise or perform, on behalf and under the direction of the Minister, any powers or functions vested in the Ministry…

• To exercise or perform any other powers conferred on it by any other Act…CCC is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. It employs about 140 staff members. It regularly seeks skilled contracting and procurement professionals to deliver services. CCC complements the trade promotion and financial services provided by Global Affairs Canada and Export Development Canada respectively.

CCC is considered a parent Crown corporation under the Schedule 3 Part 1 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA). It reports to the Parliament through the Minister of International Trade.

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