Bad ideas are hard to kill

Video, Promotional, Gerard A. Lucyshyn

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy (FCPP) is an independent Canadian public policy think tank. Our research aims to analyze current affairs and public policies and develop effective and meaningful ideas for good governance and reform. Our research is on a wide variety of issues at federal, provincial and municipal levels. As an organization, we do not subscribe to any political ideology. Unlike political or lobby groups, which often represent only the narrow interests of their members, we aim to advance the interests of the public as a whole. As a think tank, we are free to explore new ideas and policy initiatives unconstrained by the pressures that political parties face to be popular at the polls.

In order to protect our independence, and our reputation as a research group, the Frontier Centre neither seeks nor accepts any government funding whatsoever. Instead, we seek to diversify our funding base as much as possible to ensure that we are not beholden to any particular industry, interest or persons. This ensures that the Frontier Centre is insulated from the political pressures that often discourage publicly-funded research groups from exploring sensitive issues.