Divesting Hydro-Québec: Realizing Compelling Value vs. Continuing Misplaced Idolatry

Valuation of Crown Corporations, Crown Corporations, Utilities, Ian Madsen

Hydro-Québec, (HQ), is the electric power utility for Quebec, Canada’s largest province by area, and is owned entirely by the provincial government. It could theoretically be worth as much as $162B were it divested; or, far less if investors believe that its operations cannot be improved or expanded, or that they are constrained by government or corporate policy. As a business, its value, on a fully taxed basis (as a Crown corporation, it pays no tax, now), is estimated between $42.2B to $54.4B. Using peer Canadian and US-listed renewable electric utility firms and other Canadian utility firms, the range is $35.4B to $54.1B. It could approach the highest figure if it shows clearer signs that it is evolving towards optimizing free cash flow and away from heavy reinvestment in expansion of dubious merit.

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