Canada’s Culture Is Changing and Not for the Better

Commentary, Culture Wars, L. (Tex) Leugner

It’s becoming frighteningly clear that Canada’s culture is not the culture I grew up in. When I was born the average family had three or more children. Today the average family is having no more than two children (if they are having children at all), creating a serious cultural change. The reasons are simple. Our younger generations are too lazy or selfish to take on the necessary responsibilities of perpetuating our population and its culture. If our young people stop having babies, the Canada that we know will become extinct within fifty years. This issue also seriously affects our economy, because if we don’t have enough children we cannot afford our social programs. 

The culture of the entire Western world will no longer be recognizable within that same time period. In many parts of Europe it’s unrecognizable now. This dramatic change is due entirely too relentless, uncontrolled immigration. Islamist terrorism, climate change, dictatorial governments, sexual exploitation, the spread of previously unknown diseases, religious extremism, and drug trafficking and gang violence are primary causes of immigration, however opening up the world’s borders to anyone and everyone is a serious mistake. That is the truly frightening aspect of what is happening today to Western democratic cultures, including Canada. The major forces that prevent Canada from retaining its initial principles of self reliance and personal responsibility were the implementation of Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Multiculturalism, Bilingualism and the national Equalization program. For example, there is no such thing as “equal cultures”, only men are created equally. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has been so misinterpreted that free speech has been literally destroyed, while the thought police monitor our “political correctness”.    

The cost of unlimited immigration is a huge drag on the taxpayer and for economic reasons alone it must be strictly controlled. Western democratic governments including Canada’s, is not doing enough to stop uncontrolled immigration or its causes. In fact, the federal government encourages it while ignoring the causes. We may detest Trump for many reasons, but he is absolutely correct in attempting to eliminate or at least mitigate illegal immigration at the Mexican border which is costing the American taxpayer millions of dollars. 

From a historical point of view, immigration has been ongoing for centuries, but never to the extent to which it is occurring today. The United Nations, for all it’s rhetoric concerning improving human rights and eliminating poverty, is just as corrupt as the governments it criticizes.

The present Canadian policies of income splitting and spousal allowances are one way to encourage marriage and family development, yet today’s singles are demanding that they should receive similar consideration. Remaining single is a personal choice and it’s not up to the taxpayer to subsidize anyone who chooses to remain so. This socialist recommendation is indicative of the selfishness noted above and is in direct conflict with the original intent of promoting the values that encourage families (including new approved immigrant families) to remain together, raise children and perpetuate our traditional family culture. Personally, I fear for Canada’s cultural survival.


(Tex) Leugner is a Research Associate for Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Mr. Leugner is a Warrant Officer (Ret’d), Alberta Regional Director, Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association and Treasurer/ Membership Director, Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers Association of Western Canada.