David Redman: Briefing Note to Premiers on Ending Lockdowns

Briefing Note, Government, David Redman

While the vaccines appear at this time to be saving many of our seniors, the current lock- down-based response to COVID-19 in the Province continues to leave some seniors at risk, while causing severe collateral damage to our citizens’ mental health, our societal health, our children’s education, our citizens with other severe illnesses, and our economy. The Province needs to immediately protect the remaining seniors, our Long-Term Care (LTC) homes and other high-risk groups, while rapidly removing the lockdown methodology.



• Based on the clear evidence from the first, second, and now third wave it is time to adjust our response to COVID-19 .

• The Province will move to immediately target protection for everyone over the age of 70, and people with severe comorbidities over 60 until they can all be vaccinated.

• Further, the Province will release a full COVID-19 Plan, to protect other vulnerable members of our population while ending lockdowns.

• It is time we pivot to rebuilding the Province with a clear plan for a way ahead.

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