Thinker’s Corner Video – A Conversation About the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Video, Aboriginal Futures, David Leis

A conversation about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with Dr. Rodney Clifton, co-editor and author of the Frontier Centre’s recent book, From Truth Comes Reconciliation.

We have not written this book for people who think that this Report is too sacred for discussion or criticism. Rather, we have written it for ordinary Canadians, people who have heard about the TRC’s work, might have read parts of its Report, but who want to know more about both the IRS system and the TRC Report. This book is for Canadians with open minds, men and women who will consider alternative perspectives, our fellow citizens who want to know more about how the schools operated, how the Report fits into Canadian history, and what the future might be like if all 94 Calls to Action are implemented.


David Leis is the VP Development and Engagement for Frontier Centre for Public Policy.