The Hijacking of Canadian Democracy

Interview, COVID-19, Leighton Grey

Frontier senior fellow Leighton Grey is a lawyer who is working with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) on court challenges to lockdowns and vaccine mandates, as well as other related cases.  Here is another interview he did recently with Strong and Free Canada, a citizen’s group fighting Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates, where he discusses his recent essay Vaccine Mandates Reveal that the State is our EnemyHe cautions that now is not the time to rest and recuperate but to forge ahead and reclaim our democratic powers from our overreaching governments across the globe.

Based in Cold Lake, Alberta, Leighton is also a status Indian whose Great Grandfather was once the Hereditary Chief of the Carry The Kettle or Jack Band at Sintaluta, Saskatchewan.

Watch the interview here (34 minutes)