Preston Manning opens up about the COVID Commission report – The Grey Matter Podcast

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Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Frontier Senior Fellow and The Honorable Preston Manning have a conversation about the history of politics in Canada, the reason behind his writing of the COVID Commission, and some of Preston’s thoughts on the Trudeau administration.

Preston Manning, a retired Canadian politician, was the founder and leader of the Reform Party of Canada, a Canadian federal political party that evolved into the Canadian Alliance in 2000 which in turn merged with the Progressive Conservative Party to form today’s Conservative Party of Canada in 2003. His “Report of the COVID Commission” was recently published by the Frontier Centre.  It explores how millions of Canadians who had been told that their fundamental rights and freedoms were constitutionally guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms learned to their dismay that those rights and freedoms could be easily violated by health protection measures implemented by well-meaning but unelected bureaucrats and suspended at will by the federal government through a presumptive and unnecessary invoking of the Emergencies Act. It outlines how a Citizen’s Covid Commission could address the many failures of Canada’s Covid policies.

During the conversation Manning & Grey explore the complexities of our Canadian Government systems and how he was involved in shaping the Canada we all know and love, some of the bigger issues we are facing right now with the COVID crisis and the way the current government has handled everything, and how a simple thought experiment has shone a light on the mistakes that have been made and who is to be held accountable.  To find more from Preston Manning and the COVID Commission you can visit:   (2 hours 15 minutes)