Citizens’ Hearing on Canada’s Covid Response – Videos & Written Summaries

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Canadians are asking questions: Were the measures taken by governments in Canada appropriate to the threat? Were they based on sufficient clinical and statistical evidence? Were they suitably focused? How effective were they? Were there conflicts of interest at play? Was there enough emphasis on prevention and early treatment? On informed consent? Was sufficient debate permitted? In attempting to prevent COVID, what other maladies were we ignoring or fostering?

These concerns have given rise to a growing demand for an Independent National Inquiry into the management of the COVID crisis in Canada. To encourage and inform such an inquiry, from June 22nd – 24th the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, in partnership with CAERS, Fearless Canada, United Healthcare Workers of Ontario and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy among others, is sponsoring a cross-country streaming event, moderated by a diverse panel of experts, to:

  • Receive testimony illustrating the harms that have resulted from government policies implemented to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Receive scientific, medical, and legal testimony as to alternative approaches that were ignored or even banned, which might have been pursued.
  • Generate recommendations to ensure that Canadians never again experience the degree of loss, trauma and disruption caused by the official response to COVID-19.

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22-24 JUNE, 2022


An independent inquiry into Canada’s response to Covid-19. We will hear evidence from scientists, legal experts, and healthcare providers, as well as testimonials from everyday citizens about how Canada’s response to Covid-19 impacted their professional and personal lives.

Day 1 Recording

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Day 2 Recording

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Day 3 Recording

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Thanks to Maximilian C. Forte, professor of anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He is the main writer on Zero Anthropology, and provides detailed summary and highlights of each individual testimony for all 3 days of the Citizens’ Hearing:

Day 1: Read More

Day 2: Read More

Day 3: Read More