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Witness Testimony – Andrew MacGillivray – Biggest Threat to CAF is Federal Vax Mandate

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The Citizens’ Hearing took place from June 22nd to 24th, 2022 in Toronto, Canada, and marked the launch of an historic documentation of Canadians negatively impacted by government responses to COVID-19.  Frontier is featuring extracts weekly.


Andrew MacGillivray, of the Canadian Armed Forces, outlined how the federal government is prepared to flush $800 million+ invested in training, and 2,000 years of combined service, for the 3.6% of the CAF which the government is prepared to terminate. There are, at a minimum, 3,200 armed forces personnel who have already said they will not get the “vaccine”, or will not disclose, and are slated to receive “5 Foxtrot” status (discharge). This is at a time when the Canadian Defence Minister has identified a serious and present danger to the country that requires maximum preparedness. (There was more to this presentation, and I have unfortunately had to abridge the material.) 14 minutes.

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