Making the Good Guys Into Bad Guys

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called Canada the first post-national state, the implications went farther than divisive multiculturalism. Increasingly, those with the same characteristics as this country’s founders find their […]

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called Canada the first post-national state, the implications went farther than divisive multiculturalism. Increasingly, those with the same characteristics as this country’s founders find their government, media, and academic institutions calling them extremists. White males, gun owners, and believers in faith, family, and freedom—beware.

Anti-white male policies are expressed in Orwellian terms as anti-systemic discrimination policies, even though they represent the only systemic discrimination there is. If one could conceive of a feminist non-white colonial power who wanted to make sure no one else ever got the upper hand, this would be the way to do it. It’s a less violent way of dispossessing white males than say, murdering white farmers in South Africa.

No, here we simply dispossess farmers of their guns—and everyone else, save people paid by the government, such as military personnel, prison guards, cops, and tax collectors. It started with banning 1,500 makes and models of guns—some of which were previously not even in the restricted category. Recently, Bill C-21 was introduced to keep Canadians from buying, selling, or importing handguns, and even empowered judges to strip people of their guns. Halfway through the process, the legislation was modified to prohibit some hunting rifles.

Canada itself could not have been established without guns, for reasons that extend beyond armed conflict. For decades hunting for food and furs, and defence of self and property in the absence of police, required guns. This author filmed Justin Trudeau saying as much on September 22, 2010. On the grounds of Parliament Hill, he said no Canadian government would ever confiscate guns.

“That’s never going to happen because here in Canada we have a culture that has grown up with guns and that respects the need to go out into the wilderness and shoot things from time to time,” he said.

So much for that.

Of course, Europeans are criticized by some academics for having made Canada in the first place. “Settlers,” is the term some Indigenous academics use for them, though the analogous label of “nomads” is never applied to them. But yes, these settlers, these homesteaders, broke the hard ground, tilled it, sowed it, harvested it, built roads, and hooked up power and communications, and did more to develop the area in a single generation than the indigenous people had done in millennia.

Alas, Canada has been infected with a Cultural Marxist anti-societal retrovirus that leaves our institutions attacking the very country it is supposed to uphold. Even in Winnipeg, which became a provincial capital after Metis Louis Riel fought for Manitoba’s status, Canada Day was cancelled in 2022 to be replaced with “New Day.” That July 1 should have been called “Dark Day” instead for the ignorant choice to change the name.

The only darker days in 2022 came in February when flag-waving patriotic truckers peacefully gathering to insist on their constitutional rights to travel and make a living were likened to domestic terrorists, put in shackles, trampled by horses, and locked out of their finances.

In the forty years since the 1982 Constitution Act, Canada’s judges have rewritten almost every law that smacked of Christian values. Yet when constitutional freedoms were redacted without demonstrable justification, judges stood down. They wouldn’t even let the last living premier for the constitution’s negotiations, Brian Peckford, into court to explain the framers’ intentions.

The pro-government, anti-freedom stance of our judiciary smacks of contemporary Hong Kong which is only a democratic jurisdiction in name. Such parallels with the People’s Republic of China should not surprise us, given that Justin Trudeau admitted at a Liberal campaign event that he admired China for its “basic dictatorship” which could turn its economy on a dime.

No wonder Canada played host to Chinese generals in February 2018 so we could teach them winter warfare. Worse, the prime minister who deemed Canadians guilty of genocide against Aboriginals they made treaties with would not say China was genocidal against Uyghurs whom they condemned to indoctrination and labour camps. In fact, Trudeau said the anger that drove people to burn churches was “understandable.”

At least Trudeau learned how to turn the Canadian economy on a dime. No government was ever more effective than his at putting its energy industry into a nosedive. The rest of the resource sector will soon follow on the path to net zero carbon emissions.

Across the sea, Klaus Schwab is smiling, just as he did when he told a 2017 audience at Harvard University that his World Economic Forum had more than half of the Trudeau cabinet onside. Of course,—Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is still on the WEF board.

Canada is in serious trouble, and without a radical course correction, the country we built up will soon be torn down.


Lee Harding is a research associate at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

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