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The Frontier Centre reposts two recent podcasts by Marty Gold, Winnipeg’s most prominent community journalist dissecting the flawed “mainstream media” reporting of the Centre’s most recent Lunch on the Frontier […]

The Frontier Centre reposts two recent podcasts by Marty Gold, Winnipeg’s most prominent community journalist dissecting the flawed “mainstream media” reporting of the Centre’s most recent Lunch on the Frontier event in Winnipeg on January 13th 2023.  Marty Gold’s program on The Great Canadian Talk Show’s can be found at https://anchor.fm/the-great-canadian-talk-show/

First Podcast:

Jan. 18 2023 – Journo Claims 2 Winnipeg Newsrooms Lying About Poilievre Event

A special commentary – A Lesson in Journalism – is the focus of a mid-week solo podcast by Marty. But this fast-paced lesson isn’t so much taught by him, but rather, by a surprise fact-filled online post.

Notes from his post:

We had flagged a Winnipeg Free Press story that was a continuation of their slanted campaign to undermine Premier Heather Stefanson. After last week’s speech in Winnipeg by federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre before 500 ticket buyers, one of the broadsheet’s crack anti-Tory reporters pounced again.

You’ll hear every dirty rotten name and insinuation that was tossed at Stefanson, Poilievre, and the group that hosted his speech at the Convention Centre, which has “published reports calling for the abolition of the Indian Act, something Poilievre has also publicly endorsed.”

Keep  in mind, no one outside of the Free Press supports the Indian Act.

But using the standard tools like an “expert” political scientist and a banal potshot from a nobody NDP MLA, the Trudeau-funded newspaper basically tried to criminalize the most normal human activity there is – LISTENING.

Because of who was speaking, at a “flashpoint organization.” That’s code for “racist”.

9:20  Of course CBC Winnipeg also climbed on the bandwagon, cultivating disparaging quotes from federal cabinet members professing their indignation about the luddites hearing the Official Opposition offering a different point of view on First Nations-related policy and other public concerns.

11:00  It isn’t often that a mainstream journalist calls out the other newsrooms.

But after the smear campaign reached a fever pitch, Marty found that someone else who covered the event had a ‘Popeye moment’, and piped up on Facebook.

They stated flatly that “Two Winnipeg media outlets” lied about how Poilievre refused to do local media interviews, and ALSO lied about the racial and demographic make-up of the audience.  Hear for yourself how an accredited reporter from a legacy media outlet called out how “journalists from two outlets in particular in Wpg, manipulate the news.” You’ll hear their explanation why “two outlets” would have flogged biased stories that spread fake news about the Pierre Poilievre and the Frontier Centre.

This situation is a prime example why public trust in legacy media so-called “journalism” continues to scrape the bottom.

The far-left slant of their reporting is trying to poison community debate and discussion, foster incivility and divide the community.

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Second Podcast:

Jan. 22 2023 – The Stories Winnipeg MSM Tell, and Some They Don’t Tell

Marty Gold opens this episode with an update on the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. His midweek commentary revealed pushback against CBC and Free Press bias and you’ll hear what one of their members wrote, in dismantling a Freep columnist who attacked the FCPP and guest speaker, Pierre Poilievre – and the ticket buyers. The pile of lies is astonishing.

Marty then goes through the FCPP statement describing that “Given that so many of us at the Centre are passionate about reconciliation, truth, and are even of Aboriginal background, we were very disturbed by these false accusations.”  As a result, legal action against the smear campaigners is being considered due to “deliberately misrepresenting the Centre’s mission as “racist”, promoting “white supremacy” and not being fact based.”

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