A Female Athlete’s Plea Against Transgenders in Sports

Since the beginning of human existence, the biological difference between males and females has been undebated. Just like every other living organism, we have different functions and different characteristics. We […]

Since the beginning of human existence, the biological difference between males and females has been undebated. Just like every other living organism, we have different functions and different characteristics. We have different roles in society, and in our very human existence.

Until yesterday, this was universally agreed upon by every person on the planet. Two humans of the same sex cannot procreate, nor can a man give birth because he does not possess the biological machinery to do so. Obviously.

A female brain is usually hardwired towards people, which is a biological trait that enables her to be better suited to caring for her offspring and for teaching young children. Males, on the other hand, are more likely to attach to things, and to be physically stronger in order to better defend themselves, their mates and offspring from danger. The strength of males allows them to dominate females in basically every physical aspect, and it is not fair to pit one against the other in physical competitions. It is foolish to expect anything but a male victory.

Besides flexibility, I know my younger brother would beat me in anything physical, from bench pressing to running. Perhaps I could beat him in swimming, but that is just because I swam competitively, and he did not.

Nevertheless, a mediocre male swimmer can take estrogen and suddenly, overnight, “she” is a superstar athlete, blowing all of the genuinely female competitors out of the water. A hulking, six-foot four beast with a brain the size of a pea can grow his hair out, hop on estrogen, put on a one piece and a swim cap, and completely demolish an entire girls’ swim team.

This nonsense is real, and it happens all the time. As a former athlete, it makes my blood boil.

Seeing girls being humiliated, physically injured, and mentally scarred, makes me sick. To have an opportunity, a scholarship, or a hard-earned medal taken away just because some mediocre guy decided to be Michaela Phelps instead of Michael Phelps, has to be one of the worst things to happen in one’s life.

Female athletes train for hours, every day, to be the best in their sport. They deserve to be recognized as such. The world has been male dominated throughout history, and now men are even dominating women’s sports. They are diminishing and minimizing the physical capabilities of the female body under the guise of inclusivity. Inclusivity of what? It is unethical in the most fundamental sense of the word.

How did it come to this?

Where are the feminists on this issue? They were the ones championing women’s rights, waving around bras and painting their faces to protest all sorts of oppression. And yet when they are needed most, they are silent, nowhere to be found. If they do make an appearance, it is to congratulate “the first trans female ­­_______” for smashing a new record, which, to be honest, was expected. They don’t really care about women anymore, just the increasingly woke ideology that has infested nearly every sport, perhaps every aspect of Western society.

I am a classical liberal and a staunch egalitarian. This means I believe in universal rights and inherent freedom for all, no matter their differences. That means not bestowing certain groups with special privileges, discrimination, or punishments. Equality is absolutely essential for a functional and peaceful Canadian society.

William Thomas is not a female swimmer, and he does not deserve the asinine records he has made as a “female swimmer.” We have been treating the sexes uniquely for thousands of years, and we should continue to do so. Unless we want to be in perpetual war with one another, we must empower the women and girls who are suffering as a result of our foolishness.


Sophia Leis is a student intern at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. She is a third-year university student majoring in political science. She is passionate about Canadian indigenous issues, economics, and Western cultural influence.

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