Leaders on the Frontier – A Nation Poised for Excellence with Lord Conrad Black

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Get a front row seat to an exclusive conversation between host David Leis and one of the world’s most influential intellectuals and public policy commentators Lord Conrad Black as he offers his unfiltered opinion on the hot button issues of the day including the failings of Indigenous affairs, the economic suicide of green policies and the lack of a well-managed, excellence-driven media industry. As the discussion unfolds, learn what history reveals about a good-governance vision for Canada’s future. Click here to listen on Spotify. (1 hour)

Watch the Return to Reason broadcast on You Tube here and Rumble here. (27 minutes)

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What NB’s Premier Is Saying With His Motion On Land Claims

What NB’s Premier Is Saying With His Motion On Land Claims

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs is essentially saying “We don’t trust you” in the motion he introduced to protect New Brunswick property owners from a massive indigenous land claim. He is saying it to the indigenous politicians who are bringing the claim, to the...